Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sierra Nevada - 30th Anniversary - Jack and Ken's Ale

I was really looking forward to Jack and Ken's Black Barleywine since I had a taste at Denver Brewfest.  Jack and Ken's Ale is another addition to the 30th Anniversary sieres from Sierra Nevada.  Ken Grossman is the founder of Sierra Nevada and Jack McAuliffe started New Albion Brewery.  These two American Craft Beer pioneers created a real gem with this black barleywine and it took gold at the 2010 GABF for the "Other Strong Beer" category.  As the name implies, this pours black and has a nice head that takes some time to recede.  The beer has a great malt aroma with tastes of toffee, stone fruit, good bitterness and hidden alcohol (10.2% ABV).  This is a dangerous ale because it is very drinkable.  If you get the opportunity to sample this one, take your time, let the beer warm up a bit, sip and take in the flavors.  This is a beer that is meant to be experienced and it is a very enjoyable experience.  Thanks again to Scott for this bottle - I do appreciate it - it was very good.  I am very glad this took a gold at GABF - Jack and Ken deserve accolades for this ale and their work for craft beer.  Jack and Ken's ale is one of the great ones and one of the best I have had to opportunity to sample.

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