Sunday, March 20, 2011

Deschutes – Inversion IPA

Deschutes is an Oregon brewer based in Bend, OR.  They are know for their Black Butte Porter and Mirror Pond Ale, and I have had both and they are very good.  I went to Lukas on Friday and Deschutes was having a tasting and I tried Obsidian Stout and Inversion IPA.  I purchased a six of Inversion IPA and the rep gave me a bottle of Obsidian.  Inversion IPA (6.8% ABV & 80 IBU) pours golden amber with a nice frothy head.  It has a nice aroma and is well-balanced – I was expecting more hops considering the 80 IBU and was pleasantly surprised.  The hops are there and are well-balanced with the malt sweetness.  Deschutes describes Inversion IPA as “No mere hop sledgehammer, Inversion is a careful fusion. Crystal and Carastan malts woven throughout provide for a surprisingly soft, caramel complexity for an 80-IBU IPA.”  I have a bottle of Obsidian Stout and a bottle of Red Chair NWPA to try.  I have been very satisfied with Deschutes and I will try more from them.  Also - check out my new glass from my bike shop - Salvagetti - these will sell out fast.

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