Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sierra Nevada - 30th Anniversary Imperial Helles Bock

Sierra Nevada is one the oldest craft brewers in the US and in 2010 they celebrated their 30th anniversary.  Ken Grossman, the founder of Sierra Nevada, pulled in some of the pioneers of American craft beer to brew four special collaboration beers to celebrate the 30th anniversary. Ken teamed with Charlie Papazian (founder American Homebrewers Association) and Fred Eckhardt  (beer advocate, writer) to create Charlie, Fred & Ken’s Bock.  This lager and is classified as an Imperial Helles Bock (8.3% ABV) and pours golden amber with a large head.  Just pour it, let the head recede and the beer warm.  I paired this beer with roasted pork tenderloin and sautéed mushrooms.  The beer and the mushrooms danced together and the pairing was incredible.  The malt sweetness shined with the earthy mushrooms – it was one of those pairings that just sang.  I had tried this beer once before and noticed it went well with mushrooms on pizza.  I was really happy to sample Charlie, Fred & Ken’s Bock again.  Thank you Scott for the bottle – I do appreciate it. 

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