Saturday, March 19, 2011

Avery - Maharaja

Avery had a release party for Maharaja last week at the taproom and I was able to obtain a fresh bottle at Lukas yesterday.  I tried Maharaja, an Imperial IPA, a few months ago and I was impressed.  Batch number 13, dated March 2011, measures a hefty 10.54% ABV with 102 IBU.  Maharaja is probably best termed a Triple IPA and I think the Brewers Association needs to add this category to the beer styles.  This pours a nice golden amber color with a large head – let it settle down and let the beer warm up a bit.  The aroma and flavors come out as this beer warms up.  This is just a wonderful beer and I have a number of people try it and really like it.  I heard Stephen Johnson (New Brew Thursday and Expert Drinking) mention that tasting fresh Maharaja “will change your life”.  It is a great beer and one of my favorites.  When I first tried Maharaja, the aroma took me back in time to my Granny Gwen's herb garden in Virginia.  I emailed Avery and Adam Avery actually replied back.  Avery is my favorite brewer and Maharaja is one of Avery's best.

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