Sunday, March 13, 2011

Lagunitas - IPA and Gnarly Wine

Lagunitas is a brewer from Petaluma CA and Gnarly Wine is their 10.12% ABV Barleywine.  This is an annual release in January and is sold in 22 oz. bombers.  This one pours a nice amber with nice one finger head.  It has a sweet malty aroma and the taste is more malt focused – like a Scottish Ale – than hop / bitterness focused.  This is well-balanced and goes down easy.  Barleywine is one of my favorite beer styles and this is another good.  The American Craft Brewers are doing a great job with this style and I have been impressed with the complexity and overall taste of these Barleywines. 
Lagunitas IPA (ABV – 6.6% and IBU – 45) pours a orange / amber color with a large head – be careful pouring.  I paired this with a grilled pork chop and rice with a chili verde sauce, and sautéed mixed vegetables (onion, carrot, jalapeno pepper, and asparagus).  This beer paired well with dinner and I like the classic West Coast IPA style with this meal.  I would like to try some other offerings from Lagunitas – these two are good.

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