Saturday, March 12, 2011

Chocolate Ale, Old Chub & Fire Rock Pale Ale

On Tuesday evening, Lori wanted to try Boulevard’s Chocolate Ale (ABV – 9.1% and IBU – 24) that is a seasonal specialty beer that is available in a 750ml bottle.  Chocolate Ale pours a yellow / orange / amber with a nice head and it has a nice aroma that hinted of chocolate.  This is a special occasion ale and with the low bitterness, many non-beer drinkers on new to craft beer drinkers should like with the sweetness and chocolate flavors.  I like hints of chocolate, not over-powering chocolate and I think Boulevard has done a nice collaboration with chocolatier Christopher Elbow.  A special chocolate from the Dominican Republic was used in the brewing process.  I have had a couple of different offerings from Boulevard and I have liked the ones that I have tried from this Kansas City brewer.  This is an interesting ale and I appreciate brewers who try new things and push the boundaries.

On Thursday, we went to NoNo’s café and I had a Dixie Lager (ABV – 4.6% and IBU - ??) with a catfish po-boy.  This beer is better than the macros, but if you are selecting beers from Louisiana I suggest to stay with Abita Brewing, I will.  On the return home, I opened a Kona Brewing Fire Rock Pale (ABV – 5.9% and IBU – 35) that pours a nice golden color and it a pleasure to drink.  This has won a number of awards and Kona took a gold at GABF with the Longboard Lager.  I am not a big lager fan as I prefer ales, but I would try it.  I opened an Old Chubb from Oskar Blues (ABV – 8%) that is Scottish strong ale and this is a nice one.  It poured with almost no head and was the color of cola.  It has a nice malty aroma and a sweet malty taste with little bitterness.  This appears true to the style (with an Oskar Blues spin) as historically the Scotts used little hops in their beer because they did not want to pay the Brits for any more than they needed for preservative qualities.  This is a drinkable beer that I would think is a good beer for a newbie to craft brewing.   

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