Sunday, June 3, 2012

Abbey Beverage Co. – Monk’s Ale

I knew nothing about this beer when I added to a mix 6 pack the other day to sample a few different beers.  Monks' Ale (5.2% ABV and 27 IBU), a Belgian pale ale, is actually brewed by Benedictine Monks in New Mexico at the Benedictine Monastery of Christ in the Desert.  Brewed with care and prayer is the tagline on the bottle.

Belgian Pale Ale - – BeerAdvocate

Appearance – Pours a medium brown / amber with virtually no head.
Aroma – Bubblegum / Juicy Fruit with a hint of caramel / malt sweetness.
Taste – The Monks used a Belgian style yeast and one can pick up the spicy and bubblegum with a touch of banana.  Very little bitterness with the sweetness coming  through, but it is not cloying.
Overall B – Not a bad beer and the Monks is the Desert did a good job with Monk’s Ale.
Website description – “Monks’ Ale is an excellent session ale that is distinctively spicy with moderate fruity esters (particularly stone fruits).  The yeast lends a note of clove and in combination with the malts, hints of plum and apricot.  The malts provide a distinct honeyish quality up front and round full middle.  The malts and yeast provide a clean, crisp, dry, finish to Monks’ Ale

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