Saturday, May 26, 2012

2 Tasty IPAs – Palate Wrecker and Hoptimum

Yesterday evening, my friend Roger called and asked I wanted to join him and his wife Kristina at Parry’s for a couple of pints and a pizza.  I promptly headed to Parry’s and they had a glass of Green Flash – Palate Wrecker (9.5% ABV and +100 IBUs) waiting for me.  It was interesting because I took a sip and then Kristina had me try Odell’s Myrcenary, which is not a small beer, but I should have tasted it first because Palate Wrecker dominated the taste buds. 

Kristina ordered some fried pickles that were excellent and we ordered a Summer of 2010 pizza with pepperoni, spicy sausage, jalapenos, and pepperoncini – it was spicy and tasty.  For round two, I enjoyed Sierra Nevada’s Hoptimum  (10.4% ABV and 100 IBU) and it went great with the pizza.  I have had Hoptimum before and it was one of my favorite beers that I tried last year. The 2012 version was excellent two.  If you like IPAs or Double IPAs, both of these beers are fantastic and I highly recommend them.

Double / Imperial IPA - BeerAdvocate
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