Thursday, May 3, 2012

Breckenridge – 72 Imperial

I have tried a number of Breckenridge beers and when I saw 72 Imperial (7.2% ABV and 11 IBU) that is a specialty stout, I wanted to try to try it.  I had tried Bell’s Special Double Cream Stout in late March and it was excellent.  I wondered how Breckenridge would do with this similar style and adding a touch of chocolate.

Milk / Sweet Stout Beeradvocate

Appearance – It is dark with a dirty two-finger head. 
Aroma – Coffee, chocolate perhaps a hint of molasses and dark fruits.
Taste – Very good, with a rich taste and it tastes just like it smells with a nice chocolate coffee overtone and the dark fruit is in the background.  There is no bitterness with this beer and I can detect the alcohol in it.
OverallB+ – Nice job by Breckenridge and this is a nice specialty ale. 

Website description – “Just sit back and enjoy the ride.” 
The malts are – Pale, Munich, Caramel and Victory.   The hop is Fuggle.
The chocolate is Dark Chocolate from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

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