Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sierra Nevada – Red-oric

I know very little about Red-oric.  I went to Parry’s Pizzeria with Roger, friend and martial arts training partner, a few weeks ago and I spoke with Scott, the local Sierra Nevada Market Rep.  Scott informed me that Parry’s would soon have a very limited offering named Red-oric and that Parry’s was the only establishment in the Denver area that would receive a keg.  

When Lori finished up her classes and we decided to go to Parry’s on Saturday.  When I saw Red-oric Imperial IPA (8% ABV) on the list, I wanted to try it and I was not disappointed.  If you can find, try it, especially if you like IPAs.

Double / Imperial IPA Beeradvocate
Appearance – Red with a nice one-finger head served in a New Belgium glass.
Aroma – Resiny / piney hops and a touch / hint of caramel malt.
Taste – This is a hop forward beer and is a great example of a West Coast IPA.  I enjoyed this with the green bean appetizer and chicken parmesan.  Red-oric is a very tasty beer.
OverallA – A very nice beer and I was very impressed with this limited release.  I saw another Sierra Nevada limited release on the “to be tapped soon” soon – looks like I’ll need to go back to Parry’s soon. 

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