Saturday, June 9, 2012

Sam Adams - Hop-ology

Last year, the Boston Beer Co. release a special Deconstructed series of their Latitude 48 IPA where batches were brewed using only one hop variety with the same recipe for Latitude 48.  It enabled the taster to compare and contrast the different hops used in Latitude 48.  This year, Hop-ology was released that featured 6 different IPAs and it is available in 12-packs.  The IPAs are as follows and note the various colors from the various styles:

Latitude 48 (6% ABV and 60 IBU) – an IPA

Whitewater IPA (5.8% AVB and 60 IBU) – a wheat IPA

Third Voyage (8% ABV and 80 IBU) – a Double IPA

Tasman Red (6.75% ABV and 60 IBU) – a Red Ale

Dark Depths (7.6% ABV and 55 IBU) – a Baltic IPA

Grumpy Monk (5.7% ABV and 55 IBU) – a Belgian IPA

These were all tasty and I think my favorite is Dark Depths, which is not surprising; it’s dark with nice hop bitterness.  I appreciate the Boston Beer Co. for releasing a mixed 12-pack like this as it give the taster a great opportunity to try a number of different Sam Adams beers.

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