Sunday, April 24, 2011

Upslope - Pale Ale and Twisted Pine - Hoppy Boy

Upslope – Pale Ale
Upslope is a start-up brewery based in Boulder and I have tried their IPA and brown ale.  Currently, one more is available in cans and that is the Pale Ale (5.8% ABV).  Upslope’s Pale Ale pours orange / gold with a lacey head that quickly recedes.  I am not sure of the IBUs on this pale ale, but I do not think they are very high.  Upslope has brewed a well-balanced pale ale and the upstart can compete with some of the seasoned veterans.  I still want to do some side-by-sides with Sierra Nevada and Oskar Blues.  I look forward to more offerings from Upslope as they grow.

Twisted Pine – Hoppy Boy
Twisted Pine is another Boulder-based brewer and Hoppy Boy (6.2% ABV and 65 IBU) is their IPA offering.  Hoppy Boy is the “flagship” beer for Twisted Pine and it is very good.  Hoppy Boy pours almost the same exact color as Upslope’s Pale ale – orangey gold with a lacey two-finger head.  This IPA is very well balanced and I really liked it.  Twisted Pine describes Hoppy Boy as “It pours a hazy pale orange and has a dry, tart taste with an earthy bitterness.   Pleasant grapefruit and citrus notes are provided by the addition of Cascade hops.  This classic American IPA is brewed with medium caramel malts that play.”  I have tried, and liked, their Big Shot Espresso Stout.  I will try more from Twisted Pine and they may be the next Colorado brewer that I focus on sampling. 

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