Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Pale, an Amber and a Russian Imperial Stout

Boulevard – Pale Ale

Boulevard is based in Kansas City and I have tried their Nutcracker Ale and their Chocolate Ale.  I enjoy Pale Ales and thought this would go nicely with the tacos we were having for dinner.  Boulevard Pale Ale (5.4% ABV and 30 IBU) pours orange / amber with a large head that I had to let recede a few times and continue pouring to empty the bottle.  Boulevard describes Pale Ale as “a smooth, fruity, well-balanced beer with year-round appeal. A variety of caramel malts impart a rich flavor and amber color, while liberal use of whole hops adds zest and aroma. Pale Ale is the first beer we brewed, and continues to be a perennial favorite.”  It is very easy to drink with the low bitterness and it went well with the salad and tacos.  I look forward to trying more from Boulevard in the future.
Deschutes – Green Lakes – Organic Ale

Deschutes is another Oregon brewer that brews a number of different styles and they are best known for Black Butte Porter and Mirror Pond Pale Ale.  I had not tried their organic beer called Green Lakes (5.2%ABV and 45 IBU).  Green Lakes is an amber ale and it pours amber with a large head – be careful pouring.  Deschutes describes Green Lakes as “Environmental pedigree aside, Green Lakes Organic Ale is a finely balanced beer with a mellow malt profile and  subtle hop leading edge. On the  ingredient roster: five types of 100% organic malted barleys and a  complementary dose of Liberty and Sterling hops. It’s a profoundly satisfying, easy-drinking beer.  Organic aside, this is a tasty amber ale and Deschutes does not disappoint.  Green Lakes has good malt taste that is well balanced with the hops.  If you are into organic food, this is a nice beer to add to the list.

Widmer – W11 KGB

Widmer is a Portland brewery that was founded by two brothers, Kurt and Rob in 1984.  I sampled a few of their beers when I lived in Seattle and I thought they did a great job with the various styles they brew.  I had never tried anything in the W series and W11-KGB is a Russian Imperial Stout measuring 9.3% ABV and 65 IBU.  W is the brewmasters series and a different beer is released every year in the W series.  This is a big beer and it pours black with a nice frothy head.  Widmer describes W11-KGB as “Using roasted barley, chocolate malt, and Midnight Wheat, KGB has a color that is as dark as a torrid past, a body as full as a well kept dossier, and a taste as complex as a conspiracy theory. KGB boasts a deep, opaque black color. It has tremendous body and mouthfeel, achieved by the use of roasted barley and other specialty malts. A spicy hop character helps balance the beer out to create a rich and complex warmer.”  W11-KGB represents the style well and this is a nice sipping beer.

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