Saturday, April 30, 2011

DAB Original, Boont Amber Ale and Alaskan White

Dortmunder – DAB – Export

Dortmunder or DAB Export (5.0% ABV) is a German Lager and it is packaged in a green bottle.  Now a short rant – I do now understand why brewers bottle a product in a container that is affected by sunlight.  The amber bottle or the can is the best packaging for beer because these two containers prevent the beer from being ruined by exposure to sunlight.  Quick rule of thumb – if it is not in an amber bottle or a can – don’t buy it.  Dortmunder pours gold with a two finger head and good carbonation.  I would compare this beer to an American marcro brewery and I was not impressed.  I recommend avoiding this one.

Anderson Valley – Boont Amber Ale

Boont Amber Ale (5.8% ABV and 15 IBU) is an American amber ale.  Boot pours cloudy amber with a vigorous head and I had to let it settle a couple of times while pouring.  I thought this beer was much hoppier than it is when I first tasted it.  This amber ale is better when it warms a bit and I thought it tasted more balanced at the end of the glass than at the start.  This is an unfiltered and is not pasteurized, so keep it cold until you are ready to enjoy.  The website recommends it should be served between 40 – 45 and I agree that the flavor is much better at this temperature that right out of the fridge.

Alaskan – White

Alaskan White (5.3% ABV and 15 IBU) is a Belgian-style Wit beer and I enjoy this style.  White pours gold with a large head – be careful when pouring.  White is a drinkable beer and I could pick up hints of coriander and bitter orange.  Both of these and probably grains of paradise are used in the brewing of this beer.  Using spices during the brewing process are part of the Belgian Wit history.  Another good beer from Alaskan Brewing.

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