Saturday, April 2, 2011

Murphy's Red Ale

I had not tried this beer before and I think Murphy’s Stout is not bad, so I picked one up for my mixed 6 pack.  Murphy’s Imperial Red Ale has an ABV of 5.0% and pours reddish amber with a nice head.  Murphy’s Red has a nice aroma but I was disappointed in the taste.  It reminded me too much of a macro beer.  It is not a terrible beer, but it is not a great beer and I will not buy it again.  I looked it up on Beer Advocate and it has a C+ rating.  I find the ratings fairly accurate and A’s and B’s are the ones you want to try.  If it has a C+ or less, avoid it.  Granted, everyone tastes are different; for me, I would choose Murphy’s Stout over Red Ale.

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