Saturday, April 16, 2011

Great Divide – Samurai and Odell – Red Ale

Great Divide makes a number of different styles and I had not tried Samurai (5.1% ABV) that is a Rice Ale.  Samurai pours cloudy straw yellow with a lacey head.  It is easy drinking and I would compare it to a Hefeweizen or Belgian Wit.  I’ll admit that I prefer the Belgian Wits and I think they taste better and are more refreshing.  Great Divide describes Samurai as “an easy drinking, unfiltered ale that changes the status quo for unfiltered beers. The addition of rice gives Samurai a slightly fruity, crisp, refreshing and clean taste. This is definitely not your everyday unfiltered beer.”  Samurai is not a bad beer; however, I prefer other styles.

Odell’s Red Ale (6.5% ABV and 50 IBU) is an American style Red Ale.  Red pours red / amber with a frothy head.  Red has a nice aroma with good bitterness levels from the hops.  I think this is a well-balanced ale and is another good ale from Odell.  Odell describes Red ale as “The Rocky Mountain Goat is no ordinary goat.  Just like Odell Red in nor ordinary red.  We took the American style red to a whole new level by adding a variety of aggressive American hops giving this ale a distinctive fresh hop aroma and flavor.  We think you’ll agree this red has some serious kick.”  This offering is seasonal from January to April.  Odell is a good Colorado brewer and they have some tasty beverages. 

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