Sunday, April 29, 2012

Ska – Ten Pin Porter

I had tried Nefarious Ten Pin Porter a couple of weeks ago and thought I should sample the base for Nefarious – Ten Pin Porter (5.5% ABV and 46 IBU).  Ska is based in Durango, CO and the boys from Ska very much enjoy Ska music, and they make really tasty beer.

American Porter - – BeerAdvocate

Appearance – Pours a very deep dark brown with ruby highlights and a nice one-finger head. 
Aroma – Mild coffee a bit of chocolate and roast malt – maybe a bit of spice from the hops / yeast. 
Taste – Very nice, a solid porter and it tastes just like it smells.  Very easy to drink
OverallB+ - A very drinkable porter this one is very good.  Nefarious is a step up and the Ten Pin Porter provides a solid base for Nefarious.
Website description – “Rich, Raw and Robust.  Dark like motor oil on a Minnesota night, it rolls down your gullet like a calming stream full of rich and tasty malt.  Six different malts are combined to create this robust porter.  Perle and Willamette hops are added to fashion the perfect balance for which the Ten Pin is renowned.”

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