Sunday, April 15, 2012

Green Flash – La Freak Ale

I attended a Firestone Walker “pint night” at Parry’s Pizzeria & Pub and started off with a pint of Green Flash La Freak Ale (9.2% ABV and 101 IBUs), that Green Flash describes as mix of two different styles, Belgian Trippel and American Imperial IPA.  Since I enjoy both styles, I thought this would be a good one to try, along with the knowledge of my previous positive samples from Green Flash and very positive reviews.  I did order a Firestone Walker Union Jack for my second beer and also enjoyed some meatball sliders as an appetizer.

Belgian IPA description - - BeerAdvocate

Appearance – Light copper / gold with a nice head poured into a New Belgium “globe glass”.
Aroma –Definite hops aroma of citrus with Belgian yeast and malt breadiness. 
Taste – One gets sweetness from the malt, firm bitterness (citrus) from the hops, and the a Belgian yeast providing bubble gum / banana hints.
Overall – A – This is an easy A, with a very nice tasting experience and this Belgian IPA is a good one.  
Website description – “An ‘out of the box’ modern ale crafted by converging two beer styles, Belgian Trippel and American Imperial IPA. Dry-Hopped and Bottle-Conditioned – it’s a zesty brew with enticing American hop and fruity Belgian yeast aromatics.”

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