Sunday, April 29, 2012

Macallan Scotch Tasting

I received a note from my friend Tibor a couple of weeks ago with an invite to a Scotch tasting at the Brown Palace on Friday.  I promptly did an RSVP with my wife and I and we met Tibor, Nicole, and Tibor’s Mom downtown.  We were checked in and provided some marker chips for tasting and were provided hors d'oeuvres and a sample of Macallan 10 for starters.  We were then ushered into a larger room for a presentation and there were three drams at each setting with:
1)     Macallan 12 aged in Sherry Oak barrels
2)     Macallan 15 aged in Fine Oak barrels
3)     Macallan 17 aged in Fine Oak barrels and then were served
4)   Macalllan 18 aged in Fine Oak barrels.

There was also a presentation and the host / emcee described each sample.  Lori was not a big fan of the Scotch, but she enjoyed the history lessons.  The host also shared a story of a very rare bottle that sold on auction for $460K – it was over 60 years old and from the one barrel, it had evaporated down to a bottle and a few shots.  The shots were sold off too and some of the proceeds went to a clean water project in Africa.  Below is a picture of a $20K bottle of Macallan.
From a tasting perspective, the Macallan 18 was the best and it was very smooth that only comes from age.  Depending on where you purchase it, Macallan 18 is ~$80 - $100 / bottle.  The younger Scotches are cheaper and the older Scotches are more expensive.

The Brown Palace -

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