Monday, April 2, 2012

Buying Supplies and Sampling Local Brews

On Sunday, I picked up ingredients for the next home brew at The Brew Hut.  I first went to the adjacent Dry Dock and picked up a pint of the SS Minnow Mild Ale (3.3% ABV and 18 IBU), which is a mild or low-alcohol ale.  It was very good and had a nice malt sweetness and grain taste.  The SS Minnow Mild Ale won a silver medal at the 2008 GABF and is a great session beer that I consumed as I picked up my ingredients.  Dry Dock is a fantastic small brewery and they have the awards to prove it.

On the return trip home, I stopped by Lone Tree Brewing Co. and tried their sampler flight of 7 beers: Hauafrau Hefeweizen (4.2% ABV), Marienplatz Pilsner (5% ABV), Mountain Mama Helles (5.3% ABV), Ariadne’s Blonde (5.7% ABV), Puddle Jumper Pale Ale (5.7% ABV), Hoptree IPA (8% ABV) and Acres O’ Green Irish Red (5.7% ABV).  I have wanted to stop by Lone Tree for some time and I was glad that I did.  They make some very good beer and I was very impressed with Ariadne’s Blonde, Puddle Jumper Pale Ale and the Acres O’Green Irish Red.  I am not usually a fan of Blonde Ales, but the Ariadne’s was one of the best I have tried.  It had a nice fruity taste and was just easy to drink.  The Acres O’ Green was a perfectly clear Irish Red and it is another style that I do not drink much of, but was very impressed by Lone Tree’s take on the style.  Finally, Puddle Jumper Pale Ale was an all-around great pale ale and I really enjoyed it. 
If you get a chance to check out a local brewer, do so.  These guys are working hard and they are proud of their products.  Dry Dock and Lone Tree are two local brewers to check out.

URL – The Dry Dock
URL – The Brew Hut
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