Saturday, December 4, 2010

Abita - TurboDog, Avery - White Rascal & Stone - Double Bastard

Last night, the family went to NoNos café and I had Blackened Crab Stuffed Quesadillas with an Abita – Turbo Dog.  Turbo Dog is a dark brown ale with 5.6% ABV and 28 IBU and has a deep brown / red color.  This went very well with the quesadilla and I would order this combination again.  Abita’s web site describes Turbo Dog as their flagship and it was a very nice beer.

After I got home, I decided to try Avery’s White Rascal – Belgian White Ale with 5.6% ABV and 10 IBU.  This pours a golden yellow color that is cloudy because the beer in unfiltered and it has a foamy head.  This is a nice drinkable beer and I would think that this would be a good “conversion” beer for those who have not tried or are new to craft beer.  I could taste the Curacao orange peel in this and I thought the balance was very nice.  This will be in my fridge during the summer as this would be great after yard work or on picnic.  Nicely done and true to style.

Last Sunday evening I tried Stone – Double Bastard – American Strong Ale with a 10.5% ABV and ? IBU.  Stone does not publish the IBUs for the Bastard line of ales.  This one pours a deep dark amber color with a smaller head.  The taste was bready, creamy, fruity – bitter fruity, and one can taste the alcohol – but it is not “hot” – one knows it there.  Personally, I liked Arrogant Bastard better, and I would like to try them side-by-side for a comparison.  I also think Double Bastard would be interesting with some cellaring and a vertical comparison.  Stone makes beer with kick and they like the hops – these will take your palette to a new level.

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