Sunday, May 15, 2011

Franziskaner - Hefe-weissbier

Franziskaner – Hefe-weissbier (5.0% ABV) is a German hefeweizen or wheat beer made in Munchen, Germany.  Hefe means the yeast is still in the bottle and this unfiltered beer pours cloudy tan with a very large head – be careful pouring, and do not pour out the entire bottle.  Make sure and save about 1/3 to 1/4 of the beer to swirl the yeast to pour with the remaining beer.  Franziskaner has a wonderful aroma with a wonderful taste of spice, bready malt, and banana.  I paired this with a fresh salad and French onion soup and the pairing was very good.  The beer and the soup emphasized the French bread, the sweetness of the onion (and the Vidalia onion salad dressing), and the earthiness from the cave-aged Gruyere atop the soup.  I was not sure how well this beer would pair with the meal, but it was very good.

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