Friday, May 27, 2011

Boulder - Flashback - India Brown Ale

Boulder Brewing Co.’s Flashback (6.88% ABV) is described as an India Brown Ale.  Flashback pours brown with a nice head – be careful pouring.  There is a prominent hop aroma and this beer is hoppy.  Boulder describes Flashback as,” Citrusy with a prominent hop aroma, finishes clean, crisp and dry with dark roasted flavors from the biscuit and chocolate malts perfectly completing the bountiful cascades.”  There are five different hop additions using only Cascade hops.  This is an interesting beer and at first I did not like it very well until I paired it with some goat cheese with chilis and it worked well with the beer.  I would like to try Flashback with some spicy food and I think it would be a good pairing. 

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