Sunday, November 11, 2012

Lagunitas – Brown Shugga

I had listened to a few podcasts and read a few reviews that had highly recommended Lagunitas – Brown Shugga' (9.9% ABV and 52 IBU) and I had this one on my list to obtain the next time is was available.  Brown Shugga' is a strong ale that is brewed with brown sugar and is released in October of each year.  From reading the website, Brown Shugga' was a “failed” attempt to brew a batch of Olde Gnarlywine and the brewing team added a bunch of brown sugar in an attempt to rescue the batch.  While the rescue failed, the birth of a new beer was realized and it has become a favorite that Lagunitas fans look forward to each year.

American Strong Ale -BeerAdvocate

Appearance – Deep amber red with very nice carbonation.  There was a two to three finger head that did not recede quickly.  This beer is perfectly clear too.  There are some alcohol legs on the sides of the glass too.
Aroma – Carmel sweetness was the first thing I noticed.  Then I detected citrus fruit – think of zesting a lemon and an orange.  The citrus was not overpowering and very complimentary.
Taste – Unlike anything I have every had and it is excellent.  It tastes just like it smells with a combination of caramel, citrus, a little resin, and some biscuit with a nice dry finish.  A very tasty beer.
Overall – A  Brown Shugga' is a very good beer and is just plan tasty.  Be careful as this one is high in ABV and the alcohol is well-hidden.  A couple of these will do.  This is one to add to your list as it is a unique beer and it is very good.

Website description – "How Come you Taste So Good?? Boatloads of Pure Brown Sugar in Each Batch, That’s How! The Rich, Roasty and Mysteriously Drinkable Ale might best be described as... Irresponsible. It Leaves a Lot of Stories in it’s Wake."

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