Saturday, November 10, 2012

Left Hand - Warrior

Left Hand Brewing Co. is based in Longmont, CO and I visited the tasting room in August.  Warrior (7.6% ABV and 69 IBU) a fresh-hopped IPA was not on the menu yet and this is a seasonal release, just after the hop harvest.  Fresh-hop beers use unprocessed or fresh hops in the brewing process and these are only available in the fall.  Warrior also features locally grown Cascade and Warrior hops and I really enjoy something made with fresh local ingredients.

American IPA - BeerAdvocate

Appearance – Perfectly clear and pale gold with a one-finger frothy head.
Aroma –  Caramel and grain from the malts and grass, fruit and citrus from the hops.  Very subtle and nuanced aromas.  I could tell this would not be a “throat-ripper” IPA and would focus more on balance.
Taste – Tastes very similar to smell with good caramel / grain and then fruit, citrus and a touch of grass / herb.  This is an easy drinker and very balanced.
OverallB+  Warrior is a tasty IPA and I really like the use of local ingredients.  Left Hand focuses on taste and balanced beers and Warrior is a very good example of how Left Hand brews beer.  Very approachable, well-balanced, and easy to drink.

Website description – “FULL OF FRESH HOP FLAVORS, this fresh-hopped IPA has become an annual cult classic. Brewed only once a year using fresh whole flower Colorado grown hops flown in from Rising Sun Farms in Paonia by Schwall and Spears Hop Freight Service. A strong malt foundation complements the bright floral hoppiness, allowing for a well-balanced, drinkable IPA.

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