Saturday, December 3, 2011

Ska – Special ESB

Ska is a brewer that is located in Durango, Colorado and they are known for being an interesting group that likes to poke fun at the establishment.  They even made fun of Sam Calagione, owner of Dogfish Head Brewery, for his shows on the Discovery channel last year when they made a parody video.  Like the name, these guys enjoy Ska music and featured the Toasters in their parody video.  Not only do the boys from Ska like to have fun, they also brew some very beers.  I picked up Special ESB (5.7% ABV and 58 IBU) as part of a mixed six.  I have wanted to try this for some time and should have purchased some earlier.  Special ESB pours orange gold with a nice small-bubble, two-finger head.  This is a very nice beer with a firm malt background with notes of caramel and a little chocolate.  There is a good addition of hops that provide a well-balanced beer. This is another good beer from Ska.

Website description – “This English Special Bitter is our “Special Ale.”  Special because it was the second canned microbrew in the nation (after Dale’s Pale Ale).  Special because the Galena hops and pale ale malts create a crisp first sip, a hoppy tongue, and a malty sweet finish.  Though “bitter” is part of the name, “better” would be a more accurate term.  Fresh and lively, this canned beer suits the needs of any outdoor enthusiasts.  Like is says on the can: Fish, Luau, Golf, Raft, Toboggan.  Ska can!

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