Sunday, December 11, 2011

Anderson Valley - Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice (6.9% ABV and 6 IBU) is a seasonal ale from Anderson Valley Brewer and I picked this up in a 12 oz. can.  Winter Solstice pours amber / garnet with a nice malt and spice aroma and a large head that subsides quickly.  This beer is malty and spicy that reminds one of a pumpkin beer without the pumpkins.  This beer would go great with holiday dinners and I think it would be a good beer to introduce to people who don’t normally drink craft beers. 
Website description – “The holidays are a special time in Anderson Valley. The days are darker, weather colder, and foods richer. And Anderson Valley’s Winter Solstice Seasonal Ale is perfect for this time of year. Deep amber in color, with an inviting aroma of spice and nutmeg, it was made for the turkeys, cranberries, hams, and yams of the holidays. Winter Solstice Seasonal Ale evokes a crackling fire, drifting snow, and smells of home. A hint of spice and hop bite to balance out the creamy and smooth mouthfeel, and medium sweetness.”

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