Sunday, December 11, 2011

Firestone Walker – Double Jack

Double Jack is an Imperial IPA (9.5% ABV) from Firestone Walker and I have wanted to try it for some time.  Fortunately, Firestone Walker started distributing here in CO this summer and I picked up a bottle of Double Jack on my last visit.  Double Jack pours amber with a three-finger, small bubble head.  The aroma is incredible and you can pick up slight sweetness from the malt and huge citrus aroma of orange and grapefruit.  The taste is very good and it starts sweet and ends with a nice bitter finish that is just right.  This is a fantastic IPA and I have liked everything I have tried from Firestone Walker.  I can understand why they were awarded the Brewery of the Year at the 2011 GABF for the third time and Double Jack was awarded a Silver at the 2011 GABF.
Website description – “Double Jack IPA is our first ever Imperial IPA. It features a big malty middle to cloak the high alcohol and mouth puckering hop bitterness. Huge tangerine, grapefruit and juicy fruit aroma blossom over the herbal blue basil and malt earthiness of this aggressive beer. Best enjoyed in moderation.”

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