Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sierra Nevada - Tumbler

My favorite season is fall.  I am not sure if it because I grew up in a farming community with a emphasis placed on the harvest, the beauty of the trees changing to brilliant reds, oranges, and yellows, the cooler weather, or a combination of these factors.  One thing to look forward to in autumn is also seasonal beers and there are some good ones.  One of my favorites seasonal offerings is Sierra Nevada’s Tumbler (5.5% ABV and 37 IBU).  Tumbler is described as an “Autumn Brown Ale” and pours brown with a nice head – be careful pouring.  Tumbler is easy drinking and it is just a fantastic Brown Ale.  Sierra Nevada describes Tumbler as, “As the nights grow cool, the leaves on the valley oaks begin to turn and fall. In honor of this yearly dance, we bring you Tumbler Autumn Brown Ale and invite you to enjoy the show.  We use malt within days of roasting at the peak of its flavor to give Tumbler a gracefully smooth malt character. So pour a glass, and grab a window seat to watch as the leaves come tumbling down.”  Grab some Tumbler if you get a chance and enjoy this quaffable brown ale.  One other thing, the artwork on the label is really good and you can see that Sierra Nevada takes care of details – including the labels. 

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