Sunday, August 14, 2011

Lagunitas – Hop Stoopid

Lagunitas Hop Stoopid (8% ABV and 102 IBU) is brewed for the hophead.  I have been looking forward to trying this for some time and I was not disappointed.  Hop Stoopid is a hop-focused beer and it poured a nice golden orange with a large head – be careful pouring.  Hop Stoopid has a very nice aroma and this is a very good double IPA.  I paired it with an appetizer of fried green tomatoes and the bitterness and acidity of the tomatoes brought out the malt sweetness of the beer.  Lagunitas describes Hop Stoopid as “For those mornings when you have to cut right to the chase, this is the one. Sure to blast through just about anything still lingering from the night before, this mouthful of Hops and huge rich Malt has a guarantee built right into the name!  This is another nice beer from Lagunitas and I will try more in the future.

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