Friday, June 17, 2011

Avery - 18

Avery is my favorite brewer and I have sampled everything that is available.  One I had not tried is the newest anniversary edition – 18.  Avery brews a special anniversary edition each year, and this year it is a Dry-hopped Rye Saison Ale.  The Dry-hop is a hop addition added during the fermentation stage of the brewing process and per the web site description below, Tettnang was the aroma and dry-hop selection.  Rye is used today in a number of brewers and Roggenbier is the name of Rye Beer that was brewed in Germany.  Rye increases the complexity of a beer’s flavor and adds a crisp and slightly spicy finish.  This goes well with a Saison Ale as there are spicy flavors with this Belgian-style ale.  The Belgian yeast also adds distinctive flavors to the beer too.  18 pours tan / burnt orange with a lacey three-finger head.  18 has a very nice aroma from the hops and the Belgian yeast.  18 is a pleasure to drink to and the description encourages the drinker to take the time and smell and taste the complexities, that I totally agree with.  18 is a great beer and it is one that I will appreciate again before it is gone, as this is a “one and done” edition.

The web site description is:
Beer Style: Dry-hopped Rye Saison Ale
Hop Variety: Bravo, Hersbrucker & Tettnang (aroma + dry-hop)
Malt Variety: Two-row barley, rye malt, chocolate malt, acidulated malt, caramunich malt
Yeast Variety: Proprietary blend of five Belgian yeasts.
OG: 1.069  ABV: 8.12%  IBU: 40
Color: Tawny  Availability: Bottled in May 2011. One and done.
For this year’s celebratory brew, we decided to focus on the characteristics that certain yeasts bring to the party.  Each of the five Belgian yeasts selected adds its own unique aspect to the flavor and aroma of this saison.  The hefty addition of rye helps dry this beauty out and lends another spicy component to the flavor.  And for added fun, we dry-hopped it, too!  Take your time and smell and taste the complexities that Eighteen has to offer. 

Food Pairing: Try pairing Eighteen with wild game, diver scallops with pineapple mango chutney, or a potato lentil soup.

Peace to all and follow your dreams!

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