Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step .”  This quote has struck a positive note with me for some time as one needs not only the courage to begin a journey but also the realization that the destination may not be the actual goal.  I have discovered the experiences one has the opportunity to live during the journey are what can be truly amazing and the destination many times results in a bittersweet moment as one realizes the journey is near the end.
A friend asked me about craft beer and I thought – “Wow – when was the last time I actually had one?”  I then realized it was the right time and right place to begin a new journey – a craft beer journey.  I researched a number of websites, subscribed to a number of podcasts, selected a number of new people on social media and researched craft beer.   The first trip to a store soon ensued with the purchase of a number of different beers.  The initial beers were found to be quite tasty and it was quite satisfying as these beers fired new synapses and re-fired some previous pathways.
A decision was quickly made – since I reside in Colorado – I should start a journey close to home by sampling the breweries of Colorado.  There are a large number of them and they are very good.  It also seemed appropriate as Colorado was an initial “hot spot” for the beginnings of home brewing and craft beer.   I am sure I will make detours along the way to other states and as travels take me to various locations.
The journey will be recorded here with a focus on the experiences along the way...

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