Sunday, November 21, 2010

Avery - Out of Bounds Stout

Yesterday evening we had a nice dinner of romaine salad, Stilton blue cheese, kalamato olives, garlic and cheese croutons, sesame ginger dressing, and salmon lox.  I paired this with Avery – Out of Bounds Stout at ABV of 6.3% and IBU of 51.  This one goes down very smooth and was actually a nice pairing with the salad.  The salads components enhanced characteristics of the beer – croutons – bread, Stilton – nuttiness, dressing – sweetness, and salmon – smoke.  This was a nice pairing and it worked very well.

From the packaging there are double diamonds and the words expert only in alignment with the skiing packaging theme.  Avery describes Out of Bounds as, This big, roasty stout takes flavor to the extreme. We aren't afraid to use plenty of rich roasted barley and a mountain of hops to give this full-bodied stout that little extra something you've been looking for in a beer.  This comes in a six-pack and I will have a couple of other opportunities to pair this beer. 

My wife (not a beer drinker) tasted the beer and she is noticed a similarity between this beer and some of the other Avery beers she has tried.  She actually likes the Kaiser.  She noted that the beer is drinkable and then the bitter or other flavor hits.  I will continue tasting Avery beers and I have Old Jubilation and the Czar for Thanksgiving. 

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