Saturday, July 7, 2012

Stone – Ruination 10th Anniversary IPA

I watched a recent podcast review of Stone Ruination Tenth Anniversary IPA (10.8% ABV and 110) that was very positive and I just had to locate it and try it.  Whenever I see something new or a special release from Stone, I try to obtain some.  I picked up a couple of bottles at a local shop and promptly sampled one.

American Double / Imperial IPA - – BeerAdvocate

Appearance – Copper and perfectly clear with great carbonation that poured with a three-finger head that stayed around for some time.
Aroma – Hops and glorious hops – citrus, grapefruit, pine, and perhaps a touch of tropical fruit (mango / orange).
Taste – Excellent – if you like hops you will like Ruination 10th Anniversary.  You get just a touch of sweetness, but the hops are focus.  You get tastes similar to the aroma.
OverallA+ - Ruination is called Ruination because your palate is “ruined” after trying it and this is a good thing.  Ruination is a very good beer and Stone made it even better with the special 10th anniversary edition.  If you like hops and IPAs, try to find Ruination Tenth Anniversary IPA – it is a real treat. Hopefully, you are worthy – to borrow a phrase from Stone. 
Website description – "Stone Ruination Tenth Anniversary IPA was created as an homage to the almighty hop. As the celebrated Stone Ruination IPA approached its 10th birthday this June, we knew we had to do something special, so we cranked it up from 7.7% to 10.8% and used twice as much hops–a whopping 5 pounds per barrel, including a pound each of Citra and Centennial in the dry hop. The results were GLORIOUS, but don't take our word for it. The only people more bitter than those who don't get any... will be those who do."

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