Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sierra Nevada – Raiders of the Lost Hops

First, good luck finding this one as it is “keg-only” and not widely distributed – I read on one blog that only 12 places in the US received this beer.  I have a shout-out and thank Roger Schardijn who told me about the new pizza place in Highlands Ranch with 50 beers on tap named Parry’s Pizzeria and Bar (http://www.parryspizza.com/parrysbar/).  I saw Sierra Nevada’s Raiders of the Lost Hops (7.6% ABV) and I had to try it.  I have never seen it anywhere and knew this would be one of those times that you either tried it now or missed it.

American Amber / Red Ale – description - http://beeradvocate.com/beer/style/128 - Beer advocate

Appearance – Pours amber / gold with a nice head.
Aroma – Lemon and nice citrus hop aroma. 
Taste – Excellent – Raiders is a hop-forward beer and it is excellent.  The hops are not over top and just paired beautifully with pizza.  This is a really good beer.
Overall – A+ - I really liked this beer and ordered a second one to enjoy with pizza.  It was excellent and I would really like to see this one as one of the regular offerings from Sierra Nevada.

Description – Not Available – the only description I have seen is lemon wood chips were added to the beer and it is part of beer camp and is number 58.

Note – you will not find Raiders of the Lost Hops on the website.

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