Monday, October 3, 2011

Bear Republic – Big Bear Black Stout

Bear Republic is a brewer based in Cloverdale, CA and Big Bear Black Stout (8.1% ABV and 55 IBU) is an American Stout.  Bear Republic’s web site describes Big Bear Black Stout as, “Big Bear is a big, black, stout you can really sink your teeth into. The bold, roasty, caramel malt flavor is balanced by Centennial and Cascade hops.  Big Bear pours black with a large head and has a prominent hop aroma.  Big Bear has a great flavor with notes as the web site describes - roasty & caramel, and I picked up some coffee note; and then the hops hit you, but not too hard.  It is a little hoppier than many stouts and this would be a good one for the IPA fan to try.  I ejnoyed Bear Republic's Big Bear Black Stout and I would have it again.

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