Saturday, January 5, 2013

Alaskan Imperial Red Ale

Alaskan Brewing Co. was one of the first craft breweries I toured almost 10 ten years ago and they are still growing and brewing strong.  The have a series called the Pilot Series that is a rotating collection of different beers that are offered in 22 oz. bombers.  Alaskan Imperial Red Ale (8.5% ABV and 70 IBU) is a west coast style Imperial Red and Alaskan is going for a balanced beer that is slightly malt-forward.

American Amber / Red Ale - - BeerAdvocate.Com 

Appearance - Deep amber / ruby with a two finger head that takes some time to recede.
Aroma - Let it warm up a bit - one can detect sweetness (honey?) from the malt, alcohol, and citrus, herb, and resin from the hops.
Taste - Sweetness if the first sensation, then bitterness (citrus - grapefruit / lemon) and then a dry finish.
Overall - B - This was not a bad beer; however, it is not a great beer. I think the Barley Wine, Perseverance, and the Double Black IPA were fantastic beers. I suggest to try one of these, Smoked Porter or Alaskan Amber if you are looking for something from Alaskan Brewing Co.

Website description - "Alaskan Imperial Red is a full-bodied deep mahogany ale with ruby red highlights. Citrus notes of chamomile, grapefruit and Meyer lemon brighten the aroma. A zesty array of hop flavors from mango and bitter orange to green mint and hibiscus meld with the nutty, roasted caramel and subtle dried fruit flavors of the complex malt profile to create a surprisingly fresh, yet warming example of the style."


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