Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New Belgium - Red Hoptober

Whenever I see something new from New Belgium I want to try it.  New Belgium brews very good beers and they do not disappoint.  Last year, I picked up and enjoyed Hoptober that is a fall seasonal offering from New Belgium.  This year, the fall seasonal offering is Red Hoptober (6.0% ABV and 60 IBU).  

American Amber / Red Ale - - BeerAdvocate

Appearance - Dark amber with a khaki two-finger head.
Aroma -Herbal, pine, and citrus (grapefruit / lemon) from the hops and caramel, biscuit, and maybe a touch of chocolate from the hops.
Taste - I was afraid this might be a little sweet, and it is very well balanced.  I picked up caramel and biscuit and then bitterness that is a combination of pine / resin and citrus.  
Overall - B+ - Red Hoptober is a very drinkable and I enjoy this seasonal that is different than many of the seasonal that focus on pumpkins and spices.  I will have this again.

Website description - “Fall is here and with it our seasonal ale, Red Hoptober. Shining like autumn leaves in a globe glass this beer pours a dark and lovely garnet as it builds a bright, inviting head. The Eldorado hops are bold and present with a distinct, piney flavor while the caramel malt and roasted barley provide a backbone to stand Red Hoptober upright. Centennial and Cascade hops offer hints of citrus, tickling the nose, while the tongue carries a subtle, roasty tone that pairs pleasantly with the warming bite of bitter. Red Hoptober is perfect for shortening days and campfire nights.

New Belgium -

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