Saturday, January 14, 2012

Firestone Walker - Walker's Reserve

I have a few brewers that when I see an offering I have not tried, I just buy it.  It does not matter the style, as I am confident that the brewer will do a great job and I’ll enjoy it.  Firestone Walker is one of these brewers and you can be confident that whatever they brew will be very tasty.  I saw Walker’s Reserve (5.8% ABV) that is a Robust Porter and I wanted to try it.  Walker’s Reserve pours very dark with a large head that took some time to recede.  There is a very pleasant aroma of roasted malt with some hints of chocolate and coffee.  The taste is very good and it has a nice roasted malt tastes with the chocolate / coffee notes and a touch of toffee / caramel.  The oat addition adds to the mouth feel and there is nice clean hop bitterness of citrus, but not too much.  Walker’s Reserve is another great offering from Firestone Walker. 
 Website description – “A singularly distinctive beer that represents our finest brewing efforts, Walker’s Reserve is a elegant dark ale featuring robust flavors of toffee, caramel and bittersweet chocolate. This brew employs five specialty malts, as well as oat and barley flakes, for added complexity and flavor”.

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