Sunday, November 20, 2011

Deschutes - Fresh Hop Mirror Pond

When I saw a bottle of Deschutes Fresh Hop Mirror Pond, hereafter referred to as FHMP, at the store, I had to buy it.  I had previously tried Hop Trip and really enjoyed it.  I was sure that FHMP would good.  FHMP (5.0% ABV and 40 IBU) is a Pale ale with limited release from Oct. - Dec.  To me, the best thing about fresh hop or wet hop beers are the aroma and the taste.  These need to be consumed soon after purchase to obtain the fullness of the beer that the brewer wished to impart with the beer.  FHMP pours an a golden orange with a large head and the aroma of fruity hops is easily detected.  The taste is Mirror Pond, but the hops seem to be much more discernible on the nose and the palate.  FHMP is very good and Deschutes does a great job showing how the addition of fresh hops provides changes to their very solid pale ale.  I suggest you try these two side-by-side for a good comparison between Mirror Pond and Fresh Hop Mirror Pond.

Website description - "This noble, fresh hop version of our classic American pale ale arose from a single plot of heirloom Cascade hops. Revived by our brewers from the original rootstock developed at Oregon State University, grown by Goshie Farms in Oregon, this very limited release is just for you".

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