Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bristol – Red Rocket, Yellow Kite & Compass

The next beers I tried from Bristol over the past weekend were Red Rocket (5.1 ABV and 21 IBU) an Amber Ale, Yellow Kite (5.3 ABV & 25 IBU) a summer seasonal Pilsener, and Compass (6.5 ABV and 55 IBU) an IPA.  I did not capture photos of Yellow Kite or Compass, a photo of Red Rocket is below.  I really enjoyed Red Rocket and Compass and it just reinforces my favorite styles – American versions of the ales of the British Isles.  I like and enjoy the UK versions, I just like the hoppier U.S. versions a bit more.  Red Rocket is dark for a pale ale and has a nice balance.  Compass is a very good tasting IPA and I enjoyed it.  Yellow Kite was a fine pilsener too.  I am spoiled after Odell’s Double Pilsner that is one of my favorites for a pilsener.  Bristol makes some good beer and they are a small brewer is CO Springs.  I need to stop by the establishment sometime. 

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