Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sierra Nevada - Bigfoot 2011

An American-style Barleywine has large quantities of malt and hops in comparison to English-style Barleywine.  I enjoy the larger beers with malt-emphasis and with hop-emphasis and Barleywine is a great mixture of both – this is a style that is one of my favorites.  Sierra Nevada produces an annual Barley Wine at the first part of the year named Bigfoot.  Bigfoot has an ABV of 9.6% and an IBU of 90.  This one pours a cloudy dark reddish tan with a nice head that takes some time to recede.  I like to allow Barley Wine to warm as this style should be enjoyed at 50 – 55 degrees.  This would be a great beer to cellar and I plan to purchase some more for storage.  The aroma is excellent and filled with malt sweetness – candy like.  Taste is excellent with caramel / toffee and a chocolate undertone, then finishing with a nice balanced bitterness from the hops.  It is a bit hot from the alcohol and hops and I known this will be even better after a couple of years of cellaring.  This is a nice one and I understand why Bigfoot has won a number of awards.

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